Different types of construction cranes

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Are you a builder or an architect who is having some serious construction issues? Or it might not even be just you, a friend or someone you know in the building industry may be having a tough time due to lack of services. Sometimes there are multiple projects ongoing. In this scenario, it is best to use a crane for rent.

What are cranes used for?

You might have seen many different types of cranes in the industry. If yes, then you may as well think, what are these cranes used for? Well, we are here to give you a concrete answer to this question. In this article, we put together all the main benefits and uses of cranes in the industry.

They are not only used in the construction industry, but also in a wide range of the industries such as transport and moving.

Solving Issues

A crane can be rented. Renting equipment means you can manage all your simultaneous projects in a good and efficient way. Rather than delaying projects, renting this equipment will help you in managing your time well.

Time Management

The most trying part about getting renovations or construction work done is the long delays in time. Usually, the waiting period is long, then are permits that need to be taken care of and a myriad of issues. Therefore in this business time management is the most important, because time is money. Any day workers are not working on a project is a day that you are losing out on money.

Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes are a great option because of the mobility factor they offer. They are mounted on crawlers which make them more accessible and easier to maneuver. Mobile cranes are popular because they can carry a large amount of weight.

Floating Crane

A floating crane is a type of mobile crane but it has a special ability. This special ability allows it to work in water. This is used for sea projects, like in ports and so on.

Crawler Crane

These are cranes that are made for the ground and are commonly known as track-cranes. These cranes use tracks, not wheels. This is helpful for projects where it is uneven, but soft terrain.

Truck Mounted Cranes

Truck-mounted cranes are of two components, the truck and the arm of the crane which is known as the boom. The advantage of the truck-mounted crane is that they are easily able to move on roads and even the highway if need be. These cranes are mostly used for moving heavy-duty items on the project site. There are many various kinds of truck-mounted cranes, used for various purposes, even like inspections. These can be inspections of a building or even a bridge.

Fixed Crane

The best part about fixed cranes is their stability and how efficient they make the working process. They are usually used in industrial settings. These cranes are usually assembled on the site of the project.

Bulk Handling Crane

These cranes are like the name suggests, cranes used for materials like minerals, which come in large quantities. The key feature is that these cranes have a mechanism that allows them to grab large quantities of said material. They are also used to lift these heavy materials, like scrap metals and so on.


There are many different types of cranes. Each crane is used for a different purpose. Any good crane rental services VA will be able to provide you with the type of crane you need. So, do not consider buying a crane for your construction needs. Instead, renting it would be more practical for you and your business.

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