How To Inspect The Health Of A Tree

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If you’re following the set routine to care for your tree, but it doesn’t appear fine, then you should have your tree assessed by arborist services. Below are the things that are checked during a tree inspection.

Crown Of The Tree

Generally, the crown of a tree is thick and has lots of branches and leaves. When you stand under the tree, you probably can’t see the sky. These leaves and branches not only give shade to the roots but also take energy from the sun.

However, if you notice that the tree crown is becoming thin, it may hint at a pest infestation. So, get in touch with an arborist as soon as possible so they can check the tree and let you know if the tree can be saved or should it be removed.

Check The Leaves

You can check the health of a tree by seeing the leaves of the tree. For this, you should know what color your tree’s leaves are in each season. If you don’t know, search on the internet, but usually, leaves should be green in summer and spring seasons. The leaves can be yellow or any other similar color in fall.

However, if you notice that the leaves are discolored and are not the color they should be, then it means that the tree is not receiving proper nutrients.

You should also factor in the shape of the leaves as well. Their shape shouldn’t be stunned or irregular. This also means a deficiency of nutrients in the tree.

Nutrient deficiency can be due to different reasons, so you should inspect the tree thoroughly or have it inspected by a professional.

If the leaves are not rigid enough and drooping, you should check if you’re watering too less or too much. Moreover, it can be due to overfertilization of the tree as well.

Leader Of The Tree

A leader is the central stem of a tree. In most trees, there must be a single leader. It will add to the strength and straight structure of the tree. If there is more than one central stem, the tree may be at risk of splitting. When a tree splits, it creates wounds that are infiltrated by diseases and insects.

Keep in mind that some trees such as peach and plum trees may be fine with multiple leaders. So, if notice more than one central stem, you should get an expert to inspect it so you know if it’s normal or not, and if not, then what you should do for curing the tree.

Peeling Or Flaking Bark

Most trees’ bark should not be flaking or peeling. The bark protects a tree from the harsh external environment. So, the health of bark is important for the overall health of the tree.

If there is a liquid oozing from the bark or trunk of a tree, it can be due to a fungal or bacterial infection or pest infestation.

Other than peeling or softening of the bark, keep an eye on the trunk for spots, bulges, and holes. If you notice anything unusual, let an expert examine the tree’s health.

Check The Roots

Roots act as the foundation of a tree and allow it to stand in its upright position. Moreover, roots absorb water and nutrients from the soil and transferred to the whole tree. The roots of your tree should not be overly exposed or appear damaged, it may mean that the tree can sustain structural damage and it’s not receiving its nutrients from the roots.

Look For Bare Patches In Pine And Others

Evergreen trees such as spruce, hemlock, and pine might develop bare patches. They are formed due to the lack of nutrition, water not reaching the branches, damage caused by an animal, incorrect pruning, or any other reason.

However, a deciduous tree will be bare for the whole winter season. However, it will have leaves without bare patches in other seasons.


An unhealthy tree can become a hazard for anything and anyone near it. So, if you think your tree is distressed, you should inspect its health by a professional. In some cases, you may be required to remove the tree with the help of tree removal companies Chevy Chase.

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