What are the differences between trimming and pruning?

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Pruning is a silvicutural and horticultural practise that involves the selective removal of some parts of the plants like branches, buds, roots etc. Shaping of the plant through controlling and directing its growth, removal of dead wood,   reducing the risk of falling branches, preparing nursery specimens etc are some of the common reasons that necessitates pruning of plants. Targeted removal of diseased parts of plants, removal unwanted tissues from landscape plants and crops etc are some of the advantages obtained by pruning of plants carried out by local tree removal companies. If the branch cut for pruning is smaller, it will be easier for the plant to cover up the damages and thus limit the pathogen intrusion and the subsequent decay.

Specialized pruning processes are applied to plants like roses, grapevines, fruit trees etc. While pruning care should be taken to keep the tree’s limbs intact as it makes the tree to stay upright.

Trimming of trees

When trees become overgrown due to its continued existence, cutting some of its branches becomes unavoidable to keep the tree in perfect health and to help the tree continue its growth.  It will also be beneficial for the surroundings to get secure from the hazards that can happen due to the presence of an overgrown tree. Such cutting of tree or its branches is known as tree trimming.

Difference between tree trimming and tree pruning

Pruning and trimming are no doubt very useful with regard to landscaping as it helps to yield gorgeous results in your yard. These two terms are often used interchangeably although they are distinct processes that are carried out to obtain typical results.  Each of these activities has its own time table and  it require specialized equipments that are suitable to these distinct processes.

Time of use: Pruning is usually associated with trees or shrubs. Their growth and health are greatly improved if the dead or broken branches of them are cut away.  The potential safety hazards caused by the falling of branches are greatly reduced by timely pruning of trees. Your yard’s aesthetic appearance is enhanced by allowing the tree shapes to be controlled by the process of pruning. On the other hand trimming is done on hedges and shrubs for design purpose. Trimming also allows the passage of sunlight to the dense bushes which were previously blocking the passage of the sun’s rays.

Equipment differences: Although these two methods involve cutting, each process needs its special tools for doing the process correctly and satisfactorily. Pruning is usually performed with the help of two types of sheers known as hand sheers and loping sheers.  Hand sheers are used to cut the stems up to 3/4th    inch in diameter. Loping sheer has longer handles and is used for cutting stems which are one and a half inches thicker or more up to one and three quarter of an inch. Pruning saws are used when the buds are thicker.

Particular time table

The frequency of trimming and pruning vary according to the seasons and species of plants and trees. Annual pruning is required for most of the shrubs and trees. Timing also depends on the desired result by the user. Pruning dormant trees during winter can promote strong growth during springtime. Similarly if branches are cut during summer the development will be restricted. If the aim is to boost flowering then one need to prune immediately after the blooming cycle of the shrub or tree. Pruning is often repeated twice a year to keep the aesthetic appearance intact. Trimming smaller trees before they reach the height of one foot is considered as helpful for optimizing the health of small shrubs.

Hiring a tree cutting professional

Knowing the difference between trimming and pruning will help you to decide whether you need a tree care professional to for your purpose. For example if you are planning to do bi-annual trimming, it can be done by yourself by buying hedge clippers. If you need to do pruning of large trees at large heights, then it will be better to hire professionals as it can be dangerous due to the height as well as the existence of power line near them.

One can conclude stating that trimming and pruning usually done by local tree service chevy chase companies are landscaping techniques that are used to keep your yard gorgeous throughout the year.

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