Tools Used in Tree Trimming

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Tree stump removal and tree trimming can be done for a range of reasons. It can be done to save your home or other properties from being underneath tree branches that could separate in a wind storm and destroy the home or other assets, or it may just be done for visual improvement. Tree trimming, or pruning, is one of the most important tree maintenance, whether it is a fruit tree or ornamental tree. To do the job efficiently and safely using the right equipment, including the latter, for the work is a must. Some house owners will trim the trees themselves or will hire a tree service to trim the trees on a monthly basis.

Tree trimming is not as easy as it sounds as there are certain tips that make the cutting of the branches secure. You want to ensure that you are in the presence of electrical power lines, you should make sure that the branches cut are not too far or too near to the tree collar, and ensure that you mark the place, so no one walks near the tree while it is being trimmed. The perfect period for tree trimming is spring until early hot months but the time frame can differ according to the species. It is vital that you are using the right tools.

Lopper: This is top used for trimming little trees with diameters of 2 to 3 inches. It has a blade and a long handle that resembles a pair of scissors.

Pole tree pruner: This is one of the top tools for trimming the tree from the ground. Using this device you can trim 6 to 12 feet top branches without having to use a ladder. Use this tool for cutting medium or little-sized branches that are just out of your reach.

Hand-saw: This instrument is used to carry out the general garden maintenance. It is garden too that is physically operated. When getting one to apply in tree trimming make sure that along the span of the blade that it has teeth with surfaced tips.

Chain saw: There are electric and gas powered chain saws but the one that is most famous for trimming trees is the gas-powered one. It is perfect for shaping the tree and best choice for emergency tree removal . It is a general piece of a tool used to trim trees, and it comes in different sizes. They can trim any tree. The size of blade that you pick should meet your needs.


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