Survive Your Spring Allergies with These Tips

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Spring allergies take away the fun during one of the most enjoyable seasons of the year when beautiful flowers are in full bloom and trees turn lush and green. Visiting allergy clinical center is the only option in this situation. Instead of basking in the wonders of nature, you are left with no choice but to stay indoors to avoid the pollens coming from flowers, grasses and trees which are the most common culprit behind these annoying allergies.

Once these pollens are inhaled and enter your body, your immune system treats them like viruses and bacteria and releases antibodies to attack the allergens. It is this reaction of your immune system which triggers histamine release in your blood which causes symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes and coughing.

Allergies during spring can be quite dangerous for people who suffer from asthma as these can lead to narrowing of their airways that make it hard for them to breath. People who are prone to these allergies during spring season must know how to deal with the problem to avoid more serious health problems. Here are some tips to help you survive these allergies.

Stay Indoors, Specifically in the Morning

In the morning, you will find the most number of airborne pollens and the best way to avoid these is to just stay indoors. While it is nice to go out and enjoy a jog in the morning, you can do your morning exercise indoors to save yourself from these allergies. If you cannot really help it and you want to enjoy the day, don’t schedule your activities during early mornings and go outdoors instead when there is a low pollen count outside. Put on your protective allergy face mask when you have outdoor activities such as grass mowing and gardening. Take a bath after your activities outdoors and wash your hair carefully. The best way to survive allergies during spring is to avoid getting exposed to airborne pollens.

Keep Your House Clean and Free from Pollens

Your home should stay clean, specifically the places where pollens and dust can sit in such as carpets and shelves. Vacuum your carpets regularly but don’t forget to wear your protective mask. It could also help if there is an air purifier to control the airborne pollens in your home. Air filters should also be cleaned frequently. Keep the windows and doors closed. Wash your pillow cases, bedding, clothes and sheets as often as possible since pollens usually stick to these fabrics. It would help a lot if you control pollens inside your house.

Consult Your Doctor

To survive allergies during spring, the best thing you can do is visit an best allergist  or doctor the moment you experience the common symptoms of these allergies. The professional will conduct the necessary tests and recommend the best course of treatment. A blood test or skin test can be conducted to verify whether you really have these allergies. If you do have allergies, the healthcare provider can prescribe drugs to treat your allergies so you can enjoy the spring season with no worries.

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