What Are The Reasons For A High Heating Bill?

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As the winter season approaches, everybody wants to turn on their heating systems to make their house warm and cozy. However, while the temperature drops to its minimum, it is the opposite case with the heating bills. Although it is inevitable but sometimes the yearly bills increase more than what we had expected. Therefore, if you are unsure of what is causing high heating bills, give this blog a read. We are going to discuss some of the top reasons given by furnace and heat pump repair services. Let’s begin!

What Increases Your Heating Bill?

Seasonal Changes

It is an obvious fact that as the temperature changes outside, we want to make our homes warmer inside. As a result, people mostly tend to set the thermostat higher than required in the hopes that the house will be warmed quickly. However, that is the biggest misconception that causes high heating bills. In such cases, the heating system will simply be overworking and will utilize the same amount of time to warm up the house. Therefore, there is no need to adjust the thermostat at a high temperature.

Poor Insulation

For your house to be warm and comfortable, you need to make sure that the heat is not making it outside through the vents, attic, holes, and cracks, etc. If you happen to find something cracked or damaged, you are bound to call a professional who shall visit and inspect the HVAC unit. With that being said, older homes tend to be more vulnerable due to dirt, aging, and pests.

Poorly Sealed Windows And Doors

One of the biggest reasons for high heating bills is poorly sealed windows and doors. Although this is a common situation experienced by every homeowner, it is essential that you inspect the seals at least once a year to ensure they are adequately sealed. With time, pests, aging, and weather do quite a lot of damage to caulk and sealing agents. Therefore, you should expect to replace these items at least once a year to maintain a secure seal between your home and the cold air outside.

Inefficient Furnace

Typically, an average home furnace lasts for 25 years. Of course it is supposed to age with time and will begin displaying all sorts of problems. This is where you should know that you need a replacement. Although replacing a furnace is not going to be cheap but if you were to opt for an efficient one, you can save some on your monthly heating bills.

Furthermore, you will need to schedule and perform annual maintenance as well if you want to prolong the unit’s life. A professional while running annual maintenance checks for worn out components or something that needs servicing. This helps you prevent expensive damage even before it occurs.

How To Reduce Your Heating Bill?

There are several ways of reducing your heating bill. For instance, during the winters, set the thermostat to the lowest temperature that you can comfortably bear and put on some extra layers. Instead of setting it at a high temperature, keep it low and running.

Furthermore, invest in a programmable thermostat. Unlike the regular thermostat, which will keep the furnace running to maintain the temperature, a programmable thermostat on the other hand only runs when people are at home. This significantly helps you reduce your heating bills.

Another great way to reduce your heating bills is by insulating your house properly. Make sure that no air is escaping through the windows, doors and the attic, etc. Although determining the leak is a daunting task but if you were to call a professional, the job could be done within a few minutes.

Lastly, you should not be relying too much on the furnace for heat itself. You should always wear warm clothes and additional layers if required. If you are not wearing proper clothes, you would want the furnace to keep running, which will contribute to the high heating bills.

Final Word

By now, you must be sure of what is causing high heating bills. Operating a furnace or heat pump is a relatively easy task but homeowners sometimes ignore the basics, which leads to unexpectedly high heating bills. Therefore, consider the reasons outlined above if your bills are exploding with each passing month. Moreover, hire HVAC companies Tyson’s Corner to make your heating system energy efficient.

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