How to plan a wedding reception?

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Wedding planning is not a simple and easy thing as one may be thinking. It involves a lot of effort and it starts deciding the location for the reception and the type of reception one is going to arrange. If you know what are the things to be covered in a wedding planning it becomes a methodical process which can be accomplished    very successfully with the help of good wedding party rentals near your house. Lest us consider some of the important matters one has to consider for arranging a successful wedding function.

Wedding reception planning

Set the wedding date: Before starting your search for locations, make sure that the wedding date is fixed in advance.  Many sites are said to be booked one or two years earlier for weddings.  Considering this in mind your date tentatively fixed should be flexible. Otherwise you will need to change the venue.


Set the budget: Fixing the budget is the most serious part in wedding reception planning. When you plan to hand over the entire function to a party renal you need to have some idea about the number of persons expected to be invited as guests. This will decide the size of the tent and an approximate budget required will also be known from this number.

Decide whether indoor or outdoor: when you opt for outdoor event, be ready to face the problems like rain. If you are on tight budget seasons will become a crucial matter. Similarly choosing Sunday or Saturday as the wedding day is also a good idea as most of the people are not ready to take leave on other days for attending weddings.

Type of reception:  Cocktail party and sit down meal are the common types of receptions in wedding functions. Other variants like simple cake cutting, beach reception, picnics etc might also appeal.

Whether to have a receiving line? The advantage of this is that it gives opportunity for all the guests to greet the couple. But it has the drawback that it is very tiring. Some guests may not like the long waiting for greeting the couples.

Decide when dancing to occur: In modern weddings dancing continues till all the dinner courses are over. Make sure that the songs are not those liked by few but liked by millions and the most popular for wedding dances.

Organize photography:  Most newly married couple wish to see the photos of the ceremony as well as the reception.  So take care to organize group photos with family and friends at certain tables.   A central photo email can be set up for the guests to forward the photos taken by them to the bride and the groom.

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Other ceremonial aspects like removal of garter belts before the guests, throwing flowers at reception etc are some of the ceremonial aspects on which you have to decide what to select and what to omit.

Work out seating: For sit-down dinner seating can become problematic. So you need to plan them in advance.

The bride and bridegroom usually sit in the raised platform or on the dais. The bridal party usually sits with them facing all the others. Elderly people may be asked not to sit close to anything that makes noise. Use of place cards can help guests to know where they are expected to be seated.

Select the food: in every reception there   will be some people with dietary limitations.  Therefore make sure that gluten free, vegetarian and other variants of foods are available. Decide the number of course to be provided and check whether it will be within the budget. Food serving styles like buffet or serving on the table types are   possible and the suitable style can be selected.

IF decision on similar matters can be taken properly and included in wedding tent rental packages MD, then marriage becomes a very easy and simple matter.

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