Ways to Beat the Heat at an Outdoor Tent Event

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If you are planning summer tent rentals event, one where your guests will be dressed up in a formal outfit, you may be wondering how to keep the tent relax if the day of your event turns out to be oppressively humid and hot. Although there is no technique of getting a party tent chilled down the way you can chill a home with ac, there are techniques you can perform to make it more relax for your guests. Here are best tips for dealing with summer heat:

Take benefit of the shade

While we cannot ground a tent straight under tall trees due to the danger of limbs and branches falling on the tent, we can help you pick a spot that will take benefit of shade produced by nearby buildings, trees, or embankments. Even the late afternoon shade generated by a low sun behind a big tree twenty feet away can make a difference.

Maximize air circulation

Sidewalls on party tents look remarkable, no doubt. But if your tent is fixed up tight on a warm day, it is going to get painfully warn inside. Speaking of ventilation, if you are not familiar with the natural air presence at the site, ask someone familiar with the place which way the wind generally blows and have your tent setup to take benefit of the air flow.

If easy, time your event for later in the day

One of the simplest ways to decrease the heat in your tent is to hold your event later in the day when the summer sun is not as extreme. Beginning your event at 4:30 pm instead of top noon will actually make a difference.

Set up fans

Stand-alone fans can make a large difference in relaxation. The general idea here is that hot air moving around the tent is much more relaxed than warm air with no breeze. Place 2 fans near to an entrance to pull exterior air into the tent, and a few more in remarkable places throughout the tent.

If you are planning wedding tent rental md for a hot month event, don’t forget to rent pedestal fans while you are at it.

Avoid asphalt wherever easy

An asphalt parking lot may seem like the best place because it provides solid footing and flat floor. Unluckily, asphalt builds for an extremely warm floor in summer. Guess being in a tent party with a roof holding all that heat inside, a tent fixed on grass will be much chiller, and it would not need drilling gapes in the parking lot to risk the tent.

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