Top Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Indoor Shutters

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Are faux wood interior shutters good? Or you need to buy vinyl shutters? How shutters are going to help you? What is the price? These are most common questions come to your mind when buying shutters. We have presented the common questions buyers ask while buying shutters and also tried to give the best possible answers. Have a look-

  1. What Type of Wood the Shutters Are Made of?

According to the best manufacturers, Poplar wood is the best for making shutters as it is straight and smooth and the low density makes the shutter lightweight.

  1. Which Is Better- Wooden Shutter or Polyvinyl Shutter?

Wooden shutters are always better than the other as these last long and durable than other shutters. Though for office, PVC shutters are good, it will be better to go for wooden shutter when it comes to décor your home.

  1. Why to Choose Wooden Shutters?
  • Wooden shutters are sturdy but lightweight than poly shutters
  • Making larger panels of 37 inches wide is possible with wooden shutters.
  • You can paint wood of any color while poly shutters are available only in white and off white.
  • Specialty shapes for bay windows and arches can easily be done with wood than PVC.
  • The 3-dowel construction of wooden shutters makes them strong and prevents separation from rails and stiles.
  1. Which Is the Best Size for Louvers?

Usually, maximum customers go for 3 ½ inches louvers. But, today the demand for 4 ½ inches louvers are increasing for large windows, doors, casements, sliding glass doors, etc.

  1. Do You Need a Midrail?

For your information, midrail is the horizontal plank that runs between the shutters by dividing it into two equal parts. Many customers prefer this style as this let them open and close the windows partly instead of the whole. This is not must but to give your room a consistent feel, you can try this.

  1. How Much Do Shutters Cost?

Usually, the cost of shutters depends on per square foot. But, additional facilities like hidden tilt, special shapes, remarkable finishes, etc. require extra charge.

  1. Do You Install Same Shutters Everywhere?

Definitely, not! For kitchen and bathroom, you should go for PVC shutters as those are water resistant and last longer.

The quality of the shutter material is a foremost requirement to check every buyer while buying these shutters. Hopefully you get several answers of your questions. Buy window shutters sale and give your house an exciting touch.

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