What Are The Chances Of Trump Being Reelected For President?

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Let’s, for an instance, suppose Trump vs. Biden polls suggest that Trump is losing the 2020 presidential election. Suburban voters can choose to vote Joe Biden, and seniors are also thinking of changing their mind.

Employment numbers are their record lows, and the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the United States pretty hard. More than 140,000 have died, and the numbers are still worsening. Trump’s approval rating has also been declining. It currently stands at 38 percent, and winning a reelection with less than 40 percent approval rating is unlikely.

But amongst all these calamities, Trump is still looking strong. He has a sturdy vote bank that neither grows nor does it collapse. This is one thing that keeps Trump competitive all the time. Trump’s tweets and heated reactions on social media and in the actual press does not seem to make much of a difference now. Here are some reasons on why Trump might win the 2020 reelection.

The Economy Might Recover

Trump’s decision to lift stay-at-home restrictions seemed illogical and vague at first, but time proved that the states that followed these instructions to open businesses saw a reasonable comeback in their economy. This step added 7.5 million jobs to the American economy. That is one good indication of the economic recovery due to the timely steps taken by the president.

However, experts suggest that the second phase of the recovery will take a longer period of time as compared to the first phase that completed rapidly. Donald Trump knows how to use his success positively to gain an advantage. He will point towards the positives and ignore the rest of the facts and figures. People will still believe him, and that is why he might have a chance of getting high enough votes to see himself in the white house once again.

The Number Game Can Go Wrong Once Again

In the last presidential race, Trump and Hillary Clinton majorly fought in three states in which Clinton led Trump by narrow margins according to the pre-election polls. But on the Election Day, Trump ended up winning in all those three states with a margin of about one percent.

But what does that have to do with the 2020 election? Well, the same three states seem to be in favor of Biden in pre-election polls of 2020 election. So, the history can repeat itself, and Trump can still win in those three states as he did in the last election.

The analysis of last election showed many flaws in the voting system, and those flaws might still be present. Usually, college students seem to participate in the polls, and those polls show Biden winning. But the Election Day facts are always different.

Trump Can Run Campaigns Easily

If we observe closely, the president always has more powers that he can abuse to run his campaigns more effectively and faster than anyone else. He can always introduce good policies in the states in which he wants to win, and run his campaign in other states by going there on official visits. Although he cannot currently hold rallies, he has powers that no other has right now, and he knows how to use them in his favor.

Trump can announce a policy in his speech which benefits a certain serpent of the society, and in the same speech, he can also thrash his opponents. That lets him abuse his powers and office, and helps in the reelection campaign as well.

Biden Has His Own Problems

Suffering from a personal loss in the pandemic has given Joe Biden a thing in common with many Americans who have lost their loved ones in the pandemic. It has made him a comforting figure to the sad families. But this does not change the primary mindset of people about Biden. He is still considered pro establishment, and that makes him big no for many young voters and even for people in his own supporting party.

For many voters, neither Trump nor Biden is a good choice for election 2020, these people might not vote at all. But Biden’s problems can play in Trump’s favor as well, and he still has a chance of winning. Keep your eyes on Trump vs. Biden Florida polls to know what’s happening.

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