What Type Of Sink Is Best For Kitchen Countertops

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Fussing about the best countertop material like quartz and granite countertops is one thing, but something just as important as this is the sink selection. Here are the best types of sinks for all kinds of kitchen countertops.

Stainless-Steel Sinks

The best material, by far, for kitchen sinks is stainless steel. Stainless steel doesn’t only last longer, but it also has a beautiful look to it. There is something so industrial yet minimal about the appearance of a stainless-steel sink on a stone countertop. Also, it doesn’t get damaged by water and the cleaning process is pretty easy too. You can get them in a variety of sizes and designs.

These sinks also work great if your supply water is hard and you don’t need to worry about the hard water leaving scales behind, although you will need to clean it, it’s much easier than stone or ceramic sinks, which can get dirty pretty easily. Stainless steel also goes with most countertop materials.

Sinks With Drain Boards

This sink design is mainly popular for its features and it can be made of any material. Most small kitchens have a drain board which is perfect for keeping the wet dishes and having water drip down from them and into the sink.

These are perfect for smaller kitchens or gallery kitchens where there isn’t a lot of space for a dishwasher. It is not a good sink to use if you already use a dishwasher to wash your dishes and it can be a waste of space in this case.

Composite Granite Sinks

Another material that is great for sinks and looks more polished and sophisticated is composite granite. These sinks are made out of crushed granite and epoxy resins which hold the chips together in place. It makes for a super durable and strong countertop and it is great if you handle hot things on the sink as well.

It is also hygienic and scratch resistant, so you don’t need to worry about anything spilling on these sinks, because the cleanup is pretty simple too. It is also available in a lot of colors and goes well with most stone countertops.

Enamel-Coated Sinks

If you want beautiful-looking sinks, then look no further. Enamel-coated sinks are, by far, the most beautiful sinks ever to exist. They have a porcelain finish to them and they are extremely lightweight and sturdy. The base of the sink is usually cast iron, which is a great material and it lasts long too. But because of its corrosive nature, it needs to be coated with something that won’t corrode over time, so the enamel is the best option.

These sinks, on the downside, are extremely expensive and you need to spend a fortune to get them installed in your kitchen.

Undermount Sinks

This is also another popular design for kitchen sinks. The sink usually has a lip of the countertop material going around it, hence the name: Undermount. This is a great design if you tend to do a lot of cleaning on the countertop and you want the water to go to the sink in the end.

The design of the sink allows all of the water to go into the sink so that there is no spilling on the floors and your countertops will be dry and clean all the time.

Double-Basin Sinks

Last but not least, double-basin sinks are all the rage right now. They are perfect for kitchens where there tends to be a lot of work and you need two basins; one for washing the dishes and the other for dealing with draining things for cooking.

A double-basin sink is perfect for heavy workloads in the kitchen. The tap is usually present in the center or there can be a tap for each basin. If the tap is central, then it can rotate around to access both basins. This is a very versatile design for kitchens.


There you have it! Sinks might seem like an insignificant thing to ponder over, but the right selection makes all of the difference in the end. Discuss this with your granite installer Potomac to find out the materials that are right for your specific countertop design and kitchen theme.

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