What Are The 5 E’s Of Event Planning

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Event planning can be hard and meticulous, especially if you don’t have an idea as to how to get started and event venue and event party rentals are the only items on your planning list. Here are the 5 E’s of event planning that will make things easier for you.


First and foremost, you need to think about the elements of the event. These things can be anything and everything on which you are going to base your event. Elements are important because they give your event some structure and it also gives you a line of action to work on and how the event will flow through the day.

Elements can include the timetable of the event, the guests, the arrangements you have to make for the guests, food, entertainment, décor, and the list goes on. These things will be the foundation of your event and these are considered to be crucial during event planning.


From the elements, you will need to filter out certain things and activities that are at the top of the priority list. These things are called essentials, without which your event cannot go on and it will lack something. Essentials can be very easily filtered from the elements, depending on what type of event you are planning.

The essentials will also be non-negotiable when it comes to budget. You can skimp on the unnecessary parts of the elements, but the essentials need to be at the top of your list. Things like guest seating, food, décor, and some sort of digital media and marketing are considered to be essentials.


Next comes the ambiance in which the event will take place. You need to make sure that the surrounding and the environment is welcoming and screams the personality of the event and what you’re trying to convey. It should be professional yet relaxed, accommodating but having a sense of responsibility as well.

When planning an event, you need to make sure that your environment is screaming motivation, so that team members can be more enthusiastic and willing to put forth their best efforts and plan an event, which will be a success. For that, you must be a great leader and you need to figure out the skills and weaknesses of the people you’re working with.

Through this, you can assign tasks accordingly and everyone will be an expert where it matters the most. You won’t be stuck in a rut if people already know what they’re doing and they are exceptionally good at their tasks.


Emotion ties in with energy and your mind. It might be news for you, but how you plan and want to execute an event is the direct reflection of your energy and emotions. Your brain can be an emotional organ and it can strive for unrealistic things.

The best way to master this is to be realistic and set goals accordingly. If you don’t exercise your brain to be humble as far as your expectations are concerned, then you will be easily demotivated. That’s why you need to use the right amount of emotional energy in event planning.


Energy is a very important aspect when planning an event. You can be the best creator on paper, but nothing can give life to your creativity, until or unless you exude the right energy. You need to give off the power and energy that’s required to make your event a success. If you manifest your energy in the right way, then you will see great results.

A lot of times, people tend to stress over looks and other mundane things, when all it needs is a bit of manifestation of energy. If you are motivated, then others will automatically feel liberated to work as well. If you are spewing negative energy around you, then it’s probable that everything will have negative outcomes and impacts. A shift in perspective is extremely important when being an entrepreneur.


There you have it! These 5 things will help you plan and execute an event, which will be well organized, well informed, and a success among the attendees. Get in touch with event tent rentals Rockland NY and event planners to get started.

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