Why Quartz Countertops Are An Absolute Must Have!

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If you are one of those that love to live luxuriously in an extravagant home, then Quartz countertops are definitely for you and we’ll tell you why!

Quartz Countertops Are Ever-Lasting

Yes, you heard it right! Engineered Quartz is practically hard-wearing and scratch resistant. They’ll survive for years to come as they are made with stone-like materials pressed into sheets, 95% ground Quartz and covered entirely with resin. This means that it’s a one-time investment for your home; office and any other place that you wish to look beautiful, with the aesthetic interior. Manufacturers even offer warranty with Quartz (something that isn’t available with other countertop materials!), just because of the durability of this material.

Quartz Countertops Are Impermeable

This means that Quartz countertops are non-porous and do not allow any sort of liquid to pass through itself. This is a particular requirement for any kitchen or bathroom countertops, to ensure that the countertops do not wear under the influence of fluids like cooking oils and household cleaning products. This again, adds to the life of these countertops and makes them ever-lasting! Furthermore, it keeps these countertops sanitary and almost bacteria free!

Quartz Has Wide Range of Designs for Every Interior

According to Quartz countertops installers, it is the most preferred material by consumers as it is an adjustable product; use it as kitchen slabs, shower enclosures or on walls! It’s a much lighter material than others and can be fixed in places with either epoxy, instead of screws, much easily. Of course, you need a little help from professionals during installation. The companies that sell engineered Quartz will provide their own certified installation experts for this purpose.

Quartz Is Un-Demanding

Quartz is pretty much low maintenance. Since it’s impermeable, scratch resistant and indestructible, Quartz countertops do not demand much care- there is no need for periodic re-sealing. All you need is a stone-safe cleaning product and non-abrasive granite cleaning pad, and you’re all set for years of beautiful interior!

Appearance Is the Key!

Previously, Quartz was unavailable in multiple designs and colors. However, it is now available in numerous colors and hues, along with different textures such as polished, sandblasted, honed and embossed. It even has different patterns like swirls and specks. This means that your countertops can now be complementary to the complete outlook of your home! The colors of your kitchen and bathrooms can easily coordinate with your countertops to give an overall balanced effect of contrasting hues to your interiors. Get in contact with a Quartz countertops installer now!

Dropping Prices

As more and more Quartz is readily available and more manufacturing companies continue to spring up, the price of Quartz is seen to decrease. What’s better than making your homes and work-places look lovely on a budget?

Quartz countertops are easily available by numerous brands like Cambria, Silestone and Zodiaq as well as at most Quartz countertop Raleigh NC. Do you plan on getting these for your homes? Let us know in the comments section below!

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