How Do I Stop My Hair From Getting Frizzy After Straightening

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If you’ve ever straightened your frizzy hair, then you know the struggle of it being poofy and extremely frizzy even after running the hot iron through your hair. Here are some tips which will help you get smoother and sleeker hair at the end of straightening without needing a visit to hair straightening salons.

Leave-In Conditioner

If your hair is prone to getting frizzy and brittle most of the time and you want to straighten it, then try to use a leave-in conditioner before your hair gets dry and you start to straighten it. Using a leave-in conditioner will help to tame your hair and make it look smoother after you have straightened it. You will notice a world of a difference in your hair texture when you start to use a leave-in conditioner.

Don’t Overdo It In The Shower

Sometimes, over-washing your hair can do more harm than good for frizz and making the hair look poofy. If you are someone who washes their hair on a daily basis, then you need to stop doing this at once. You are stripping the natural oils and moisture from the hair and this is going to only increase the amount of frizz in your hair. Try to limit washing your hair to just once or twice a week. This will make your hair a lot smoother and there won’t be any frizz either.

Use Smoothing Products

If you want to get rid of the poofy hair when you try to straighten it, then you should invest in smoothing products for your hair. Smoothing products have protein in them, which will make your hair smooth and eliminate frizz.

Try to do your research when searching for these products because you want products with keratin and moisturizing benefits. These products will make a huge difference in your hair texture and you will see that there is no frizz when you straighten your hair. You will be left with soft and smooth hair which is manageable.

Keep The Hair Damp

With frizzy hair, you want to avoid heat as much as you can. Since you can’t avoid hair straightening, you should at least keep the blow dryer at bay. If you want to dry your hair, let it air dry. You don’t want to add more frizz to your hair with a blow dryer and its heat. You also want to keep the hair damp when you are straightening it.

This will keep the hair in place and you don’t have to work your straightener over and over again on the same section. The damp hair will keep the frizz from forming on your hair and the results will be more smoother hair at the end of straightening.

Use Anti-Frizz Products

There are many products that can eliminate frizz. You can also use them during straightening your hair. There are sprays called touch-up sprays, which are designed to eliminate frizz during heat use on the hair. You can spritz a bit of this spray on your hair and straighten it and you will be surprised by the results it gives. The hair will be a lot more smooth and straight and there will be no frizz in sight, which is the main goal.

Using The Straightener Properly

A lot of people can actually make their frizz worse by using a flat iron incorrectly. You want to use the straightener on a specific heat setting and you should only glide it once through each section. You don’t want to go over and over the same section with the flat iron, otherwise this is going to make the frizz more obvious, and taming it will be a nightmare. Try to use a low heat setting for the straightener at first, and then you can bump it up after being satisfied with the results it gives.


There you have it! These tips will ensure that you have a straight and smooth mane after running a straightening iron through your hair. You will love the results and it’s always mind-blowing to see your hair straighten without any frizz. If you don’t want to straighten your hair every day, visit a Brazilian blowout salon Potomac for permanent hair straightening.

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