How Do I Know If My Foot Pain Is Serious

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Feet are a very important part of your body. They are used a lot and are prone to injuries and pain. Here is everything you need to know when you need to be serious about your foot pain and consult orthopedic surgeons.

Swelling In The Foot

A very common sign that your foot pain or injury is not a normal one is by looking at your feet and examining the swelling. If there is a lot of swelling on your foot, which is leading to a lot of pain, then there might be some sort of internal injury which is causing your foot to swell a lot.

Try to rotate your foot by your ankle too and see if there is any pain in the movement. If there is and your walking is also compromised, then it’s best to visit a doctor and have all of the possibilities ruled out. You should not wait for the pain to become severe.


If you have hit your foot really hard, then you also might have physical injuries on your foot. There might be slashes or deep gashes in your foot, especially if something like a sharp object has come in contact with your foot. You want to examine those injuries as well.

You also want to monitor these injuries for any kind of infections or excessive bleeding. If the wound is small, then it should also start healing in a couple of days. If the wound is not healing, then this might be an alarming sign and you need to check up with a doctor to be sure.


With wounds that are left untreated and open to the atmosphere, the chance of infections can be severely high. You can identify infections by looking at your injury. Look for signs of swelling, some oozing of white puss, or the wound being watery or wet. The wound will also hurt a lot if the infection is present and the pain is usually unbearable. Infection in the injury can lead to a lot of problems, so it’s best to go see a doctor and start some medication for the infection before things get out of hand.

Inability To Walk

This is another alarming sign that your foot injury is not a normal one. If your walking and everyday activities are compromised because of a foot injury, then it’s safe to say that your injury is anything but normal. Whenever you try to walk with a bad foot injury, your foot will be in a lot of pain and this pain will radiate up to your leg and it can be quite unpleasant and uncomfortable to deal with. This is why you shouldn’t wait too long before you go and see a doctor about this pain and inability to move or walk.

Numbness In The Foot

This is probably one of the most dreadful things you can experience with a foot injury and this is a clear sign that you have waited too long and it might be too late. Your foot has a lot of nerve endings and if the injury is too severe, then the nerves can also be damaged and if the nerves remain that way for even a tad bit longer, that part of the nervous system is deemed “dead” and you will start to feel your leg go numb.

You will lose sensation in your foot and the degree of numbness depends on the severity of your injury and how long you have gone without it being untreated.

Physical Dislocation In The Bone

Fractures are also quite painful and sometimes, you might not feel the pain until a lot of time has passed. You can also see your joints and check if there is any dislocation in the bones. If you see some sort of bone poking out and it’s not a normal place, then it’s highly likely that your bone is dislocated and the reason might be a fracture or high impact on/to the bone.


If you are experiencing these things, then it’s not a normal foot sprain. You need to get it checked by visiting a podiatry clinic Woodbridge immediately and find out the problem before it’s too late.

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