How To Have A Birthday Party On A Budget

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Whether it’s a kid’s birthday party or your own, it wouldn’t hurt to stay within a budget by finding affordable tent rentals and vendors and having a great party alongside. Here are some tips which will make your birthday party successful without spending a whole lot of it.

Look At Your Guest List

A small guest list will have a lower budget and you can splurge a little bit more if you are inviting fewer people. Kid birthday parties usually consist of more invitations, so you need to work smartly around the budget. Take a look at the guest list and see who is being invited. You want to make sure that you are inviting people who are good friends.

If this is for a kid’s birthday party, then have them sit down and make a list of people he/she wants to invite, but make sure you are emphasizing the fact that the kid invites only their best friends for a good time.

Get Creative With Invitations

Invitations can add up and they are a total waste of money, so why not come up with something more creative? You can totally take advantage of social media and the text messaging age where everyone has a phone and you can easily invite people over using a simple text message. Although it is non-traditional, you need to save money wherever you can, and as far as invitations are concerned, they are pretty much useless after reading it once. You can totally go digital with invitations and it is a great way to let your kid engage in inviting people too.

DIY Decor For The Party

If you want to save some money on décor but still want to make the house look like a party is in full swing, then you can easily make birthday decorations by yourself. You can search for birthday decorations online and get loads of inspiration.

These things are less expensive to make and they fulfill the purpose what’s even better is that you can let your kids engage in the making of these things too. It will be a good arts and crafts project and you can give some easy tasks to your kids. You can also make the kids help in decorating the house. Balloons, party ribbons, and banners are more than enough for a kid-friendly party.

Throw A House Party

One of the easiest ways to save a great amount of money is to throw the party in your house or backyard. Venues can add up and they really are the most expensive thing in a birthday party, so you can cut that cost and have the party at your house. With a kid’s party, it’s better to have it in your house, because supervision is easy and all kids are in one safe place. It’s also great for both big and small gatherings.


Who says you have to spend a lot of money on entertaining the guests at the party? You can have great entertainment for guests and the ideas are plenty. Having treasure hunts, games, and photo booths are great ways to break the ice and have conversations with other people. For kids, you can have an arts and crafts corner, a playground with toys and other things, and fun mind-engaging games in which children will stay busy and have fun with their friends.

Make Your Own Cake

If you have confidence in yourself to be a good baker and your kid loves your cooking, then you can totally pull off making a whole birthday cake for your kid’s birthday party. Even if it’s not a kid’s party, you can make a cake for an adult party too and this will save you a lot of money. You just need to refine your skills and if you are someone who bakes a lot, then this will be a walk in the park for you.


There you have it! Ensure that you connect with the right party rentals Clarksburg and your plan is well thought out. These tips are not only going to make your party look unique but they will also save you some extra cash and you will have a literal blast.

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