How to lose weight fast?

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There are so many ways for losing weight. Diet control, physical exercise, medication yoga etc. are some of them. All conventional ideas like run more, eat less etc. do not work for long period. Exercising for long hours and counting calories cannot stop you from ignoring your hunger. It only causes you sufferings and waste your time and energy. Everybody gives up in the long run. This is the reason why obesity is an epidemic. In this article I am going to describe the best way to lose weight fast.

Choose low calorie diet

First thing to do to loss weight is to reduce the intake of sugar and bread. This may seem like an old idea as there were many weight loss diets for the last 150 years focusing the use of low carb diet. But modern scientific studies have proved beyond doubt that low carb diet is very good for reduction of body weight. Main advantage of low carb diet is that it helps you to eat less. A study conducted in the year 2012 has shown that those who eat low-carb diet burn 300 calories even while taking rest. According to a Harvard professor who oversaw this study states that the advantage of this eating method can be considered as equal to the calorie burned during a mild exercise for about an hour.

Eat only when you are hungry

People who are on weight loss fast diet usually reduce eating carb and are afraid of fat. One need to understand that fat and carb are body’s two main energy sources. You must eat at least one of them. In effect low-carb combined with low-fat diet leads you to starvation. Avoiding these two leads to hunger and cravings. People cannot suffer and therefore they give up.

Eat enough

When you begin weight loss diet take care to eat enough in the initial days.  When you eat low carb diet your fat will burn resulting in the lowering of insulin. Some people eat three meals a day with snacks in between whereas there are others who eat only two meals a day with one or two snacks in between. Whatever is your routine, you follow that. You must try to eat only when you are hungry.

Eat real food

A person who tries low-carb diet often gets deceived by the special low carb diet marketed by companies. Always try to eat traditional low carb diet like eggs, fish, vegetables, butter, nuts olive oil etc. Don’t go for bread as it is baked with grains. Some companies may market it advertising as low carbon food. Do not eat cookies and pastas.

Do Not Skip meals

One interesting fact is that when you are obese, your is ready to lose weight by burning the excess fat stored in your body. So, you can skip any thing like breakfast, lunch or dinner if you are not feeling hungry. Don’t be afraid that you will lose control if you do not keep on eating every three hours. Obsessive snacking follows diet in high sugar and car. But in balanced diet this does not happen.

In simple words it can be concluded that forgetting the clock and eating when your body needs can help you in a great way in your effort for fast weight loss diet.

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