Possible Complications of Abortion

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Abortion clinics make sure to give safe and legal health care. In case you are worried about the complications, it would be good to know about them in advance

If you are getting an abortion during the first trimester, it is considered minor. The complication risks increase as the gestational age of a woman increases. Getting an early pregnancy abortion is the most ideal thing to do, so that your risk of getting severe complications is a lot lower.

The side effects vary depending on the woman, but you should get ahead and know what the possible complications are. You will not be overwhelmed nor shocked if you read about them.

Find out more about possible abortion complications now:

Medical Abortion – Bleeding

The woman receives medication without the need to go through surgery. In general, you must visit the clinic at least 3 times. This procedure is allowed up to 49 days after they got their last menstrual period. Make sure to attend the follow-up appointments.

The side effects of this include 3 weeks of bleeding, lips or face swelling, pain, cramping, chills, vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, back pain, infection, and more.

Pelvic Infection

The bacteria from the cervix or vagina could enter through the uterus and result to infection. Antibiotics could clear up the infection. In some cases, it might be necessary to do repeat suction, surgery, or hospitalization.

Suction Aspiration or “Curettage” Complications

This is done during the first trimester. The job of the doctor is to dilate the cervix and use a suction to take out the fetus. There is a possibility of the uterine walls getting scraped to make sure that they remove everything such as placental tissue, amniotic fluid, and all the fetal parts.

The abortion side effects include pelvic pain, cramping, bowel injury, uterine damage, cervix or bladder damage, heavy bleeding, or others that are more serious. In case the baby is not completely removed, infection can develop easily, which is a very common post-abortion complication.

Incomplete Abortion

There is a possibility that the fetal parts or other pregnancy products might not be completely removed from the womb, which requires more medical procedures. An incomplete abortion can cause infection and bleeding. The complication rate is lower than 1%, but if there is a labor induced procedure, the rate could go up to 36%.

Anesthesia Complications

Compared to other surgical procedures, anesthesia increases abortion complications. There is a risk of 1 out of 5,000 related to abortion anesthesia.

Torn or Cut Cervix

The uterine opening can be torn while the doctor stretches it wide, so the medical instruments can pass through going inside the uterus. This happens less than 1% during the first trimester abortions, and it causes a lot of pain.

Now that you know what the possible complications of abortion are, you will choose among the best abortion clinics dc to avoid medical malpractice. Aside from that, you can be sure that they will give you after care if necessary.

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