Robotic Vs Manual Hair Transplantation

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Hair transplantation has come a long way since the day it was first introduced. Now there are many ways by which a hair transplant surgery can be carried out. Today, manual hair transplantation and robotic hair transplantation procedures will be discussed and a thorough comparison will be given. To find out more about the two hair transplantation procedure ls, keep on reading.

Manual Hair Transplantation

As the name suggests, a manual hair transplantation procedure is a hair restoration procedure, in which there is a surgery involved and it is performed manually by a doctor.

This procedure usually involves manually puncturing holes or small perforations in the patient’s scalp, to minimize the appearance of apparent scars. The hair is then attached in the form of patches or singularly with a very small and precise tool.

This is a time consuming procedure, and it usually takes a couple of hours to get a decent patch of your scalp covered with new hair. The hair which will be attached to the patient is taken from the body, like chest, back, arms, legs or even the denser parts of your scalp.

Eligibility Criteria

For a manual hair transplantation procedure, there is a huge criteria which needs to be met, otherwise you will not be considered a suitable candidate for the procedure. Your existing hair needs to be thick enough to be able to grow more in the bald spots, in which it will be inserted in the surgery. Your age also needs to be less than 45 or 50 to deem the hair transplantation procedure successful, otherwise the age factor can mess up with the surgery and the results might not be as good. So, manual hair transplantation has several barriers which need to be surpassed or else you will only be wasting money on a procedure which will not bring any promising results.

Robotic Hair Transplantation

A robotic hair transplant is a procedure which is relatively new in the world of hair transplantation. It is a modern technique which cuts out the manual labor and it is replaced with the precision of a robot.

Robotic hair transplantation uses a tool which precisely inserts new hair follicles into the scalp.

Accurate And Less Time Consuming

Along with precision, robotic hair restoration also takes about half of the time as compared to a manual hair transplant procedure and gets the job done within a few hours.

Popular Procedures

The most known type of robotic hair transplantation is FUE, also known as follicular unit extraction and FHE, which is called follicular hair extraction. In both of these processes, the bottom line is that the hair is extracted from a denser part of your scalp and inserted into the bald spots.

The best part about robotic hair transplantation is that it looks extremely natural, as if you didn’t even get a procedure done on your hair. Because the hair is extracted and inserted into your scalp, one by one, it doesn’t look fake, actually it looks very much like your natural hair but just a tad bit fuller and less bald.

No Age Limit

Another great thing about robotic hair transplant is that there is no age limit to get the process done. Whether you are a young adult or an aging senior, you can get the procedure done and it will give you amazing results, unlike regular hair transplants, where age can cause a huge problem with the final result of the procedure.

Probably the only two downsides to this amazing and modern procedure is that, one, it is a highly expensive procedure to get done. It is 5 times more expensive than a conventional hair transplantation because the equipment used requires a lot of technical skills to operate. Secondly, robotic hair transplantation is still a new and coming process, so not a lot of hair transplant specialists are capable of performing it. Those who do know how to perform an FUE or FHE, will cost you a fortune to get it done.


There you have it! These two procedures are very common and popular among people who are considering hair transplantation. So, if you are one of those people, then this information will be quite helpful, but before deciding on any, get consultation from a hair transplantation doctor.

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