How To Pick A Water Delivery Service For Your Office?

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Water delivery services aren’t just for homes. You can get bottled water delivered to offices, schools, and even remote work locations. If you’re looking for a drinking water delivery service that ensures timely and secure bottled water delivery, then here are some factors that you need to keep in mind.

Types Of Water

There are several different kinds of water that a water delivery service delivers. Some of them include:

Spring Water

Spring water is different from normal tap water because it is sourced from underground springs and aquifers. Normal tap water is traditionally supplied through a big surface-level body of water, like a man-made reservoir. Spring water is very refreshing in taste, however it does need to be purified, like tap water.

People believe that spring water has zero impurities, however the truth is the contrary. Spring water also contains sand particles and it is treated at facilities far away from the water source and then it is bottled and sent for delivery.

Deionized Water

This is a type of treated water that is achieved by a process called deionization. Deionized water has its ions removed. Sometimes, water may contain excess sodium and hydroxide ions, and an ion exchange process is employed to help remove those ions and exchange them for neutral ions. This makes the water taste way less salty while ensuring that all of the essential minerals are not tampered with.

Mineral Water

Some people can mistake mineral water for deionized water. In reality, mineral water is water that’s either enriched with minerals or has minerals already in it. Fluoride, chloride, salts, and sulfur compounds are present in natural mineral water.

Mineral water is sourced in the same way as spring water. A mineral spring contains mineral water and the biggest giveaway is the fact that mineral water is bubbly when it is sourced. It’s due to the gasses trapped in the molecules of water. Mineral water can be packaged at the source or it can be taken far away and bottled at facilities.

Purified Water

Lastly, there’s also purified water that’s been treated by processes like reverse osmosis, deionization, filtration, or distillation. The result is water that’s completely purified and free from all of the unwanted metals, trace elements, and dirt/debris.

Purified water is perfect for people who have health issues and can’t stomach normal water with minerals, salts, and even slight impurities. So, if your office needs purified water for the employees, then you can certainly get it via water delivery services.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Water Delivery Service For Your Office

Here are some key things that you need to consider when choosing a water delivery service for your office.

The Amount Of Water You Need

First things first, you’re going to have to figure out how much water you need for the office. It depends on a couple of things. The number of employees is a given, but also the degree of consumption of water and whether your office is situated at a remote location, are important things to consider.

If your office is an open facility in a remote area, then it helps if you order water in bulk from the water delivery service because not only will it cost you less, considering the logistics, but it will also last. In cases like this, you can also consider the installation of water filtration system Warren because once installed, you may not need to pay for clean water.

Frequency Of Delivery

The next thing that you need to think about is the fact that how many times you want the water to be delivered. Whether you need water on-demand/on-call, monthly, weekly, or daily; this is something that you’ll need to talk through with the water delivery service, and the one that fits your criteria is the one you want to select.

Flexibility In Delivery

This ties in with the previous consideration, but the water delivery service should also be flexible when it comes to delivery. Along with the basic delivery, the time of water delivery, the delivery speed after calling, and the overall service are pretty crucial to keep in mind. You won’t want to keep waiting for the water delivery service.

Punctuality, as well as flexibility, cannot be compromised, especially when it comes to water delivery in places like offices because you need it quickly and you need it without any major bumps along the way.

Water Delivery Price Points

Price also plays a very important role, because this is something that’s going to be taken care of, by the office management. There are different price ranges and you can choose a water delivery service that ticks all of the boxes, aka timely delivery, flexible delivery and schedules, and most of all, affordability. You should stay in the middle lane when it comes to price.

Opting for a rock-bottom price package or a highly expensive one won’t make much of a difference, because let’s be honest, you can easily get away with choosing filtered water for your office. No one needs purified or sparkling bottled water, especially in an office.

Customer Service

Custoemr service and the turnaround time for complaints, queries or new installation says it all, when it comes to a reliable water delivery service. The last thing you need is radio silence or no cooperation from the customer service of the water delivery service. Since this is your workplace that’s concerned, you need to ensure that you only select the best of the best from the available options.

Types Of Service

A lot of people think that water delivery service only delivers bottled water. Well, this is the 21st century and water purification has come a long way. Here are the two very common options that a lot of water delivery services provide.

Bottled Water

This is the OG when it comes to water delivery service. Water is sourced from different places, treated, and then packaged in different-sized bottles. You can get individual bottles that are enough for one person, or you can get a huge 19-liter water bottle that can be mounted on an electric water dispenser. The only drawback of this service is the unworldly use and waste of plastic.

Bottleless Service

If you are looking for a more sustainable and modern option of water delivery service, then a bottle-less water service, aka point-of-use service is also available. Think of it as a water dispenser but with no bottle mounted on top. You might be wondering: where does the water come from? And how it’s purified?

In point-of-use water dispensers, the assembly directly taps water from the source through a pipe. As for filtration and purification, either a compact RO plant or UV filtration is fitted inside the equipment. So, with every pour, water gets purified and filtered, and it’s safe for drinking. Not to mention, there’s zero plastic waste, so this system earns some extra points.


Offices are often the last of places that you would think about getting water delivered to, but they’re just as important. You can’t expect everyone to operate without hydration now, can you? Moreover, these tips are good for homeowners who want to choose the right bottled water home delivery Meadville company as well.

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